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5 Reasons a Family May Speak with a Therapist using LiveHealth Online for Their Child

May 21 2017
5 Reasons a Family May Speak with a Therapist using LiveHealth Online for Their Child

In a given year, about one of four children have a diagnosable mental health condition.  The most common types of mental illness are anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and substance abuse. Parents may have trouble knowing if their child is affected or how to get help.

Warning signs of mental illness in children may include changes in eating or sleeping patterns, mood changes, isolating from social interaction, talk of death or self-harm, change in school performance, irritability, lack of interest, difficult behavior, excessive worry, and trouble participating in activities of daily living.

It may be challenging for parents to identify mental illness in children as it often comes off as typical behavior problems or changes in the child’s pattern of behavior. The first step of treatment for mental health conditions in childhood is an assessment by  a mental health clinician.  Most mental health clinicians start with non-medication therapy such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Medication management may be warranted to augment the therapy if the symptoms do not get better with therapy alone. 

There are often barriers to accessing mental health care for children. Telehealth services such as LiveHealth Online help provide easier access because: 

  1. Each psychologist or therapist listed that specifies they treat children 10 and older is a child qualified and experienced mental health provider.
  2. You’re able to choose the provider you’d like.
  3. Parents may not be able to miss work to take the child to an appointment every week, so LiveHealth Online offers convenient appointment times including evenings and weekends.
  4. Therapy delivered from the location of the patient’s choosing, just use your phone, computer or tablet.
  5. You have the ability and access to decrease or increase therapy depending on your child’s condition.

If you are interested in a Psychology for teens visit, as the child's parent or guardian, sign into LiveHealth Online and add the child as a dependent to your account if you haven't already. Then you can schedule an appointment with an available therapist.

Comments and opinions are from  Jennifer Gentile, MM, PsyD, alone. She is a licensed-therapist who treats patients using LiveHealth Online Psychology.  

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