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Easy, Affordable Access to Online Care for Consumers

Sep 01 2013

Health Thought Leaders One-to-One

Telehealth for All is an idea whose time has come, realized in WellPoint’s February 2013 launch of LiveHealth Online. It’s how we, as consumers and patients, can get primary care now from a licensed, board-certified physician for many medical non-emergencies.

In part, this innovation is an answer to the shortage of 63,000 primary care physicians who will be needed in 2015. That number, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, is expected to double by 2025.

WellPoint thought leader John Jesser worked with a small team for three years, now expanded, to make LiveHealth Online a reality for consumers and patients.

John Jesser is the vice president of Provider Engagement Strategy for WellPoint, Inc., the nation’s largest health benefits company, with 36 million covered lives. He manages the company-wide process that looks at all healthcare-related functions to optimize affordability, access to care, and enhancing the consumer experience. He also drives the company’s telehealth strategy, launching programs that improve service and care through electronic tools that connect to doctors, hospitals, and health plans.

WellPoint’s recent launch is LiveHealth Online, an integrated telehealth tool that allows doctors and consumers to easily reach each other, anytime and anywhere. WellPoint’s affiliated health plans provide “Online Care” visits as a benefit for fully-insured consumers and self-funded employers. Uninsured or self-insured consumers now have a convenient way to see a doctor for non-emergency medical needs when it’s not necessary for a physician to perform a hands-on examination.

The typical cost for a telehealth visit by Webcam video or phone is $49. For insured patients, the cost can be a $20 co-payment, or at no-cost, covered in full by some employers’ health plans.

Start with your own introduction as to how you may be receiving primary care in the future. Listen to the podcast. Then, view the video, Kate, I’m Sick.


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