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10 Apps That Are Changing Healthcare

Feb 11 2015

10 Apps That Are Changing Healthcare

PC Magazine

By Jill Duffy

You can now have a doctor's appointment via video call, get a prescription filled through a mobile app, and even see a therapist virtually. These 10 apps and online services do all that and more.

Hiking deep in the woods, you scratch your leg and notice you've been bitten by, well, something, but you don't know what. Swelling and a rash are setting in. Or maybe you're house-bound for three days due to a bad storm. The roads are closed except for emergencies, and your baby's cough is getting worse. What do you do?

With today's technology, you can see a doctor immediately in both of those scenarios, and in some cases even have the doctor prescribe medication, from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Telemedicine and telehealth apps are dramatically making healthcare more convenient, less expensive, more preventative, and in many cases downright better. The ten apps in this article are all excellent examples.

The real beauty of these apps is that, collectively, they are creating a more competitive marketplace for health and wellness services. More competition typically means better results and lower costs. Telemedicine, and remote healthcare in general, lower costs by increasing preventative care, reducing time to access, and reducing fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary trips to a medical practice. These apps and sites—and others like them—are truly revolutionizing healthcare. Most of these services are for U.S. residents, although some of them allow U.S. residents to see their doctors virtually even when traveling overseas. Note that some states have restrictions on medical treatment and prescription filling by video conference. The National Conference of State Legislatures has excellent state-by-state information about telehealthcare here.

When medical diagnoses and treatment are offered through an app or website, the platform must be HIPAA-compliant, and all the apps listed here are. That means any information and images you share with your health professional must be stored and transmitted in a way that meets federal guidelines set for your safety and privacy.

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