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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers “LiveHealth Online” app

Oct 29 2015

WTNH News 8

By Jocelyn Maminta

Increasingly, Kristen Daylida finds herself using a health app for convenience and easy access to health care.

“With three kids at home, I often have to take time off from work days, half days, getting into the doctor’s office, waiting,” said Dalida. So when her two-year-old gets an ear infection — “My husband works a lot of shifts so I can just go right on and give them his symptoms and they are very helpful,” she adds.

LiveHealth Online, is offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, whether you are a customer or not. “There’s no hour waits, an hour and a half waits. It’s right in, in a matter of minutes,” said Daylida.

“So many people can’t get in when they need to and when they want to, even if it’s with an established physician and so often they are getting pushed aside, come back in a couple of days or go to urgent care or to the ER which may not be necessary,” said Dr. Mia Finkleston. 24/7 — Doctors like Dr. Mia answer non-emergency calls.

Patient history and observing the patient – leads to a diagnosis. “Often times I’ll have patients tap their sinuses, lean their head forward, feel under their neck. If a parent is there– have them do the same for the child,” added Finkleston. “We are really here to augment and to help patients who can’t get in with their doctor but really fill a need there.”

For Anthem insured Kristen Daylida- at a cost of a co-pay. If you are not insured by Anthem, there is a $49 charge. People can access their online visit information- available in the electronic health record – which can be e-mailed or faxed to their primary care doctor.

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