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4 Must-Download Medical Apps for Families During Cold and Flu Season

Feb 01 2018

4 must-download medical apps for families during cold and flu season

Cool Mom Picks

By Kate Etue

Cold and flu season is on us, and wow, this is a bear. We’ve seen you stressing out on Facebook and Instagram, and we’re right there with you. To help, we’ve found some medical apps for families that might bring a little peace of mind. These apps can help you analyze your symptoms, tell you how to treat an asthma attack, or even give you face time with an actual doctor, without having to head to the pediatrician’s office.

Setting up my profile on LiveHealth Online couldn’t have been easier — it just asked for my state and birthday, and my insurance provider. (Mine wasn’t listed, but I can still pay for my treatments and file them.) When you need an appointment, just click on the type of service you want — medical, psychology or psychiatry (or, Spanish speaking doctors) — and then choose the provider you’d like to talk with. (The average session is about 10 minutes.) You’ll see the amount they charge right next to their availability. I love that I can store my medical records here, and even continue to choose the same doctor each time I need a visit. Kristen has been a longtime user or LiveHealth Online, and loves it.

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