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How Daylight Savings Time Impacts Our Health

Mar 10 2018


By Sara Lindberg

When the clocks spring forward, does our health fall back?

If daylight savings time crept up on you this year, you’re not alone. With the wild winter weather still hammering many parts of the country, it’s hard to believe we’re going to be springing forward on Sunday, March 11. But ready or not, here it comes.

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Study Says Health Benefits of Marriage Include Heart Health

Mar 05 2018


Add This To The Long List Of Health Benefits Of Marriage

If you’re looking forward to your upcoming nuptials, good news, you can add one more super delightful thing to the many health benefits of marriage — married patients with heart disease have better survival rates than their single counterparts, and that’s way better news than the time you found out about using a wedding dais could save you major wedding dollars or even that big wedding bouquets were having a major “in” moment.

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