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Kiosks offer workers easy access to doctors

Feb 14 2018

The Herald-Palladium

By Jon Gard

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, patients can step into the telemedicine kiosk, tap a screen to connect face to face with a physician, and talk about their symptoms.

The doctor can get real-time blood-pressure readings, take the patient’s temperature, measure heart rate and even write a prescription.

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7 Surprising Habits That Can Help You Make A Good Impression, According To Science

Feb 07 2018


By Carina Wolff 

There are many obvious habits that can help you make a good impression: Being kind to others, offering a helping hand, having a sense of humor, etc. But besides cultivating good relationships with others, there are a number of other weird habits that can help people form positive opinions of you. Although how you treat others will always matter, when it comes to how people view you, you can also utilize some other more subtle habits that help you feel more comfortable and show others your best self.

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