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Kiosks offer workers easy access to doctors

Feb 14 2018

The Herald-Palladium

By Jon Gard

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, patients can step into the telemedicine kiosk, tap a screen to connect face to face with a physician, and talk about their symptoms.

The doctor can get real-time blood-pressure readings, take the patient’s temperature, measure heart rate and even write a prescription.

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9 Medical Tests Every Woman Over 40 Should Have

Feb 09 2018


By Barbara Brody

There's a lot that's pretty great about turning 40. With a few decades of experience under your belt, you're more knowledgeable about what you want out of life and how to get it. Maybe you're finally hitting your stride in your career, getting the hang of parenting, or eagerly tackling new adventures that you would have shied away from when you were younger. If you've been prioritizing fitness and good nutrition, you might even feel—and look—healthier than ever. But does that mean you are actually healthier? (Here's how to be your healthiest you at 40, 50, 60, 70, and beyond.)


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