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Providing online visits is now easy and affordable

Are you looking for convenient and innovative ways to connect with your patients and grow your practice?  LiveHealth Online makes it easy through secure, private and high-definition video visits.  Now you can see your patients when they're at home, at work or on the go.  It's quick and easy to use for both you and them. 

Large provider groups like ProHealth, Western Connecticut Health Network and Christ Health Network are already using LiveHealth Online with their own patients.  And you can too!  Contact us today to learn more about LiveHealth Online.   

Building a virtual practice is easy!

Using LiveHealth Online you can build a customized virtual practice only your patients will see.  You can personalize the look and feel; determine the online services you offer and control your hours of operation.  

Once your virtual practice is created, your LiveHealth Online account team will work with you to launch your new online visit capabilities and introduce your patient population to this service.  We'll provide you with a successful promotional plan and materials you can use to drive awareness and utilization of your virtual practice on LiveHealth Online.  

Want to learn more about creating your own virtual practice? Complete the inquiry form below to contact us today!  

If you still want to see patients online but you're not ready to set up an online practice, let us know by completing the inquiry form below.    


Provider FAQ's

What is LiveHealth Online Practice Edition?

LiveHealth Online Practice Edition is a communication tool that enables live and immediate visits between you and your patients.  You can control all aspects of your secure, telehealth practice.   Your patients have a choice of how they want to connect with you–using web or mobile for their real time video visit. 


LiveHealth Online Practice Edition fits right into your medical practice.  You define the hours, provider types and use cases that are beneficial for your organization.  You can construct your practice to focus on your current patient population or be available to the general public. 


How does LiveHealth Online Practice Edition work?

The first step in using Practice Edition is to invite your patients to your secure, independent telehealth practice.  Once they are tagged to your practice, there are two ways to use LiveHealth Online Practice Edition: 

For practices that prefer scheduled appointments: When you or your staff feel that a patient would be a good candidate for an online appointment, your staff can schedule the patient for a specific time slot, just as they would for a regular office visit.  The patient will receive an appointment confirmation via email and when it is time for that appointment, the patient will log into LiveHealth Online Practice Edition on their mobile device or computer.  You’ll be notified that your patient is ready for the appointment, at which time you’ll be able to log into LiveHealth Online Practice Edition from your computer. Then, the visit begins!


For urgent care or other on-demand practices: When a patient logs in to LiveHealth Online Practice Edition, the patient will indicate a specific medical concern and choose an available health care provider. Once you’re selected by a patient, you will receive a text notification and have time to review the patient’s health information before accepting the visit. Once connected, you can see and talk to the patient as if you were in your own private exam room.

What will I know about the patient before the appointment?

The patient will have an opportunity to complete a Health Summary Report. This report includes the patient’s conditions, medications and medical procedures. In additional, patients using Apple Health can share vital signs with you.  You’ll see this information before the visit starts.


You can use this information to decide whether you should see the patient or gracefully decline and refer the patient to another health care provider. If you decide to connect with the patient, the information will remain easily accessible to help you provide care and to keep for your records.  LiveHealth Online allows you to utilize your existing electronic medical record and is customizable to fit your organizational needs.

How are patients notified about their scheduled appointment?

Once an appointment is scheduled, patients receive an e-mail to keep as a reminder. This e-mail also includes links to install the app on their mobile device, or to access LiveHealth Online Practice Edition using their computer. Many patients install the app at this point, to ensure that they are ready when their online visit happens.


15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, they’ll receive another appointment reminder.


A few minutes before the scheduled appointment time, the patient will click the link in the e-mail to start their visit. Depending on their selection, they’ll either be taken to their visit on the LiveHealth Online Practice Edition website, or the mobile app will launch the visit. 

When is LiveHealth Online Practice Edition available?

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